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Our team of professionals, expert consultants and external collaborators will identify the most suitable solutions for you, with the passion, fairness, honesty and responsibility that distinguish us and allow us to offer services in an increasingly targeted and effective way. We can boast an extensive network of excellent experts in legal and notary services.

Our long-standing experience in business consulting enable us to offer each business the most suitable solutions to its particular business requirements.

We offer customized quotes that reflect the time required to carry out the work and the complexity of the services requested.

We have divided our services into three macro-areas: services to all companies and sole proprietorships, trade union services in collaboration with our SDGZ-URES Association, and services for private clients.

Services to companies

We assist our customers by providing professional services in multiple areas. Let’s discover them together.


Tax Consultancy

Services aimed at sole proprietorships and owners of companies in making strategic and optimal choices in business management

Accounting and Tax Compliance

Services aimed at operators receiving business income regarding the keeping of accounting records in compliance with the law


Services to foreign companies that wish to do business in Italy

Services Plus

Professional services provided by our lawyers, chartered accountants and H&R consultants

Trade union services

In collaboration with the trade Association SDGZ-URES, we offer a wide range of trade union services, agreements and advantages.



Special conditions for members of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), as well as of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Pula and Zagreb.

Trade Union Services

We support our clients in their relations with public bodies and administrations. Representatives of our associations are members of numerous commissions, committees and other advisory and administrative bodies.


In collaboration with professionals and specialized training organisations, we promote, organize and develop meetings, courses, seminars and education programmes.


We are constantly working to offer our clients a series of agreements. In addition to the traditional ones with banks, we have entered into a series of special agreements with companies that have guaranteed advantages in favour of our clients.

Registration in national registers

Registration and management of registration in all categories and classes of the National Register of Environmental Managers.


We personally organize, support and collaborate in collective promotional, advertising and marketing initiatives of our clients, depending on the territory and field of activity.

Services for private clients

Not just for companies and sole proprietorships! We offer numerous services designed specifically to assist our private clients.


succession procedures and contracts


preparation of the tax form '730' for individuals


preparation of income declaration forms for individuals


drafting, registration and management of lease agreements repayment schedule


tax consultancy regarding lease contracts


calculation of the municipal property tax (IMU)

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